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In colibridge we offer 100% customized pages completely tailored to your needs so that you can showcase a responsive and comfortable design for your customers.

Designed for creatives. Made for high performance. Optimized for SEO. The Gem is most versatile WordPress theme with largest range of styles.

…For creative agencies, business of any kind, online stores, designers, architects, photographers, freelancers, bloggers etc. – TheGem delivers everything to cover your ambitions & creative needs! Grab this theme now and start building the website of your dreams!

In 2021 there are no excuses for not having your website. Currently, with 50 dollars you pay a server and with the help of a free WordPress template, you have your site.

Although there are those who choose to hire a web programmer, and that is precisely what we are going to explain what are its advantages.


  • Custom design

As our site is custom designed, we can choose depending on our tastes and needs.

Not only visual tastes, but also vital functions that you are going to use on your website and that otherwise you would need a WordPress plugin.

  • Better response time

You know the problem with predesigned templates? These have a lot of features that in the end you don’t use.

And how does it affect us? Well, Google detects that you are making web requests that you don’t use.

  • Personality

We are not going to denigrate the prefabricated templates as if we wanted to sell you something.

What happens is that even if you get the best template for your website, you get the best load times, there is something very important: the image.

You can resort to being one of those hundreds of websites that have the same theme and look completely the same. That is to say that you are not different from your competition.

  • Security

If you are creating a website completely from scratch, or working with CMS, you can be more concerned about the security of your site by implementing new technologies.

  • Integration

It is frustrating to buy a WordPress theme and then it does not adapt to your needs.

So you have to call a programmer and you realize you’d better buy the complete design.

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