COLIBRIDGE Not just a digital marketing AGENCY We help brands stand out from the crowd and succeed with our innovative ideas and top-notch services. WE'RE COLIBRIDGE A CREATIVE & DIGITAL AGENCY We help brands stand out from the crowd and succeed with our innovative ideas and top-notch services.

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Colibridge is a full service digital agency with the mindset that creating quality, engaging work, fuels bottom line results.

We are a creative team with a ravenous passion for design, technology, and storytelling. With the fundamental belief that everyone has a story, we look for the good in each project.

It’s time to do a new experience!

Do not miss the opportunity to grow and create your own future, your ideas are transformed and we help you to turn it into a great and successful project as you wish it.

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Content protection services
Elimination of pirated content, of web platforms that abuse your brand, your social network channels or your mobile applications. It consists of a 24/7 surveillance scheme of social networks, search engines and mobile markets to locate the unauthorized uses of the protected content.
We help you automate your domestic or professional processes are already susceptible to be programmed and controlled remotely, either via WiFi or Bluetooth: from the management of heating and regulation of temperature or humidity, to the operation of appliances and computers
Writer & blogger
We can create content 10 times more traffic, potential contacts and opportunities for digital media. Online marketing projects. Integration of Social Media Creation of Blogs. Digitization of contents. Creation of digital content.
We offer advice in the field of cryptocurrencies and their subyancente technology, the block chain, also the dynamic world of cryptocurrency trading, as well as other instruments such as stocks, stock indices, commodities and exchange rates.
We provide technical, creative and operational support so that your company is always "connected". The way we work and the results we offer are based on the commitment and involvement with each of our Customers' Brands.
WordPress has a system of plugins, which allow to extend the capabilities of WordPress, that way you get a more flexible CMS. We can make a blog and much more: business websites, online stores, digital newspaper and central reservation.
In the field of computing and telecommunications, we know the importance of a server, so we focus on making the necessary configurations to your needs so that your company has one of the best practices.
We design administrable websites, easy to navigate, intuitive pages, developed with current quality standards, friendly to Google; online stores, landing page, personalized sites, we offer technical support, content management.
We take care that your image is the most important for your business, to create visual concepts that communicate ideas, messages or elements that identify a brand or product to inspire the public, inform you or get your attention.
Design of strategic plans for the achievement of the objectives and goals, these plans can be short, medium and long term, depending on the size and magnitude of the company.
Community Manager
We build, manage and manage the online community around a brand on the Internet, creating and maintaining stable and lasting relationships with its customers, its fans and, in general, any user interested in the brand.
We love the good practices of Business Management and we focus on results, creating and updating business models, adapting them to the needs of companies, with emphasis on the efficient and effective use of financial, human and management resources, meet business goals and objectives.
our team

Our employees are the engine that drives us forward, their creativity is the fuel that drives us forward, their hopes and dreams is the motivation of the company, meet each of them with our best effort and without looking back, this company It will grow as much as for them as to continue to offer the best service for our customers.

Companies like Tesla, Google, Virgin or SpaceX manage to revolutionize their sectors thanks to a powerful culture of teamwork. This is because it helps to improve the capacity for innovation and agility of the company, that is why we are proud of the team we now have, we have your support at all times, it is a pleasure for us to make customers feel Totally satisfied with each job made to your needs.

Edward Vilardell
Senior Sales Manager - Internacional business and Business administration
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Hernandez, Luis D
C.T.I. & C.I.O.
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science graduated from the José Antonio Páez University
Dominguez, Alondra E
Graduated of Bioanalyst at the University of Carabobo, university professor and researcher.
Hernandez, Luis J.
Chemical engineer, retired PDVSA with more than 30 years, analyst of cryptomonedas
Diaz, Eduardo J.
Web Development & Server Administrator Windows Server
Computer Engineer graduated from the José Antonio Páez University
How we work

The organization is key when developing a project. With this in mind, many companies opt for methodologies that serve as allies to create programs, applications or digital tools that enrich and facilitate the work of their customers.

SCRUM is a software development model that enables step by step to establish successful and organized projects. Its agility is just one of the many characteristics that we highlight in this methodology.

Our Knowledge




Currently there are several cryptocurrencies and each one has a different practical use since each one seeks to solve very specific problems and needs. Similarly, the type of algorithm and system used by cryptocurrencies can also vary from one to the other.
Are there advantages using it?

Fast payments, everywhere and at any time.

Security and control over your money.

Protect your identity.

Very low or no fees.

Surely you are wondering: and what is what brings value to these digital currencies? The confidence of its users! How could I get involved in this business? We can guide you to venture!. Sending bitcoins is as easy as sending an email to a friend, do not be afraid to change.

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We are happy to work with you, your goal as a company is not only to have the best customer service, but to be legendary!
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